Jewish National Fund

international Jewish organization which raises money to support projects in Israel (tree planting, water projects, etc.)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • JEWISH NATIONAL FUND — (Heb. קק״ל) – קֶרֶן קַיֶּמֶת לְיִשְׂרָאֵל), Keren Kayemeth Leisrael), the land purchase and development fund of the Zionist Organization. It was founded on December 29, 1901 at the Fifth Zionist Congress at Basle, which resolved: The JNF shall be …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Jewish National Fund — The Jewish National Fund (Hebrew: קרן קימת לישראל, Keren Kayemet LeYisrael ) (abbreviated as JNF, and sometimes KKL) was founded in 1901 to buy and develop land in Ottoman Palestine (later Israel) for Jewish settlement. The JNF is a non profit… …   Wikipedia

  • Jewish National Fund — (JNF; Keren Kayemet Le Israel)    Various organizations and units were created to carry on the work in Palestine of the World Zionist Organization. The JNF was founded in 1901 at the fifth Zionist Congress. It was charged with land purchases and… …   Historical Dictionary of Israel

  • Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award — The Tree of Life Award is a humanitarian award the Jewish National Fund presents in individuals in appreciation of their outstanding community involvement, their dedication to the cause of American Israeli friendship, and their devotion to peace… …   Wikipedia

  • Birobidzhan Jewish National University — The Birobidzhan Jewish National University works in cooperation with the local Jewish community of Birobidzhan and the Birobidzhan Synagogue. The university is unique in the Russian Far East. The basis of the training course is study of the… …   Wikipedia

  • JEWISH STATE PARTY — JEWISH STATE PARTY, Zionist political party formed by dissidents from the revisionist movement after the final split between vladimir jabotinsky and most of his colleagues in the leadership of the world movement (at its session in Katowice, April …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • JEWISH AGENCY — (Heb. הַסּוֹכְנוּת הַיּהוּדִית לְאֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל, Ha Sokhenut ha Yehudit le Ereẓ Israel), international, nongovernment body, centered in Jerusalem, which is the executive and representative of the World zionist organization , whose aims are to… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Jewish studies — (or Judaic studies) is an academic discipline centered on the study of Jews and Judaism. Jewish studies is interdisciplinary and combines aspects of history (especially Jewish history), religious studies, archeology, sociology, languages (Jewish… …   Wikipedia

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  • Jewish Autonomous Oblast — Infobox Russian federal subject EnglishName=Jewish Autonomous Oblast RussianName=Еврейская автономная область LocalName1= LocalLangName1= Locator LocatorMap CoatOfArmsLink FlagLink AnthemLink AdmCtrOrCapital=Administrative center… …   Wikipedia

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